Should I Outsource My Social Media? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Should I Outsource My Social Media? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Not sure whether you want to pay to outsource your social media marketing? Then ask yourself the following six questions.

When Should You Outsource FB Ads – (When To Build Your SMMA Team)

When should you outsource facebook ads and build an A-Team for your social media marketing agency?!

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DONT outsource Amazon PPC Until you ask these 10 QUESTIONS (interviewing agencies)

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If you are looking to outsource Amazon FBA PPC ads and sponsored products ads, you need to ask 10 questions that will weed out all the bad services and agencies.

In this video I cover the 10 most important questions to ask PPC agencies, or any other type of 3rd party consultants you are considering hiring for your Amazon business

10 Questions Are:
0:58 – 0 – Am I at the right Stage
2:06 – 1 – Ask for Credentials and Why They Do PPC
2:48 – 2 – Do They Have Similar Clients
3:22 – 3 – Success Stories and Why They Are Successful
4:35 – 4 – Name 3 Clients You Failed With
5:32 – 5 – How They Measure Success
6:36 – 6 – What Is The Timeframe
7:19 – 7 – What and How Often Will They Update You
7:41 – 8 – Ask Them If They Educate You
8:47 – 9 – Ask If You Can Meet The Whole Team
9:39 – 10 – What Is the Cost Structure Like

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About Mina “The Egyptian Prescription” Elias

My name is Mina, and I am in immigrant from Egypt who came to America alone in search of a better life. I studied Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Univeristy of New Haven, Connecticut, and got my Masters in Industrial Engineering too. I graduated top of my class, and worked my way up the corporate ladder, but quickly realized that a 9-5 was modern day slavery. I started a supplement company because I am passionate about supplements and I am an MMA Fighter, so I wanted to make better supplements. I dove deep into Amazon and became a PPC expert, and I’ve made multiple millions selling on Amazon. The highlight of my career was when I was finally able to buy my parents a car. My goal is to teach you guys about Amazon PPC, because if you can do PPC well, you are definitely going to dominate. Oh – and NEVER QUIT. If you never quit, you will never fail.

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Want To Be An Influencer? 5 QUESTIONS to Ask Yourself | THINGS I WISH I’D DONE!

HI guys! Since I get asked so many times regarding being and influencer and how I got started, I wanted to make this video to share with you some influencer and creator tips that I wish I’d known and done so much earlier in my career. I’m sharing with you 5 questions to ask yourself before becoming an influencer. I promise, a little of planning, strategy, and follow thru goes a long way and will save you so much lost time in the future. I really wish I’d started my journey a little better and had done this things far in advance.

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In this video, I will be discussing:

0:00 Intro
00:45 Question 1: Why?
01:44 Question 2 : How?
02:04 Question 3: Content Strategy?
03:30 Question 4: Ideal Workflow?
04:45 Question 5: Revenue Strategy?
06:56 Power Plan
07:30 My Biggest Tip
07:42 Discussion on Going Viral

Becoming an influencer can be a little easy with some planning. Your Why? Why do you ant to become an influencer or content creator? What’s your motivation?
Your How? How will you grow? Which Platform are you trying to grow? Will you be full time or part time? Are you trying to turn this into a career? or just hobby?

Your content strategy is another important element? Do you have your action plan, content planner? As your creating your content strategy, also think about your ideal workflow? How much time do you have to invest? How much time it takes to create?

Lastly, how will you make money? Have you planned your Revenue Strategy? Have you started incorporating that into your content strategy? These questions are so important to answer on your journey to becoming an influencer or content creator

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Hi. I’m Angel. I’m a full time content creator. I left my career as an attorney to become an influencer. I’m super excited to share how I did that and how I am able to earn a living from being a content creator. I own 3 businesses, an online shop, and have a presence across multiple social media platforms with over a million followers. Becoming a full time content creator and influencer takes a lot of hard work and alot of learning. I’m here to help you as I continue along this journey.

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From Templates to Sales: Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Thriving Digital Business on Tiktok

In this video, I will share a guide on how to make money online, covering where to start, the sites and social med This method could be applied to all of your other social platforms as well.

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