How to Slow Down While Getting It All Done

How to Slow Down While Getting It All Done

Here’s how one agency owner survived the most chaotic, emotion-filled time of her life – and a few big life lessons learned along the way.

5 Ways I Slow Down Every Week

Join me for a week in a life of slow and simple living. In this video, I share 5 ways I slow down each week to reduce stress and enjoy life.

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Simple Living
Decluttering is part of simple living for me. Living with less stuff makes life simpler in our house. However, simple living does not mean easy living. Simple living is about uncomplicating parts of your life. By decluttering, choosing your enough, and focusing intentionally on what matters most to you, a life of slow and simple living is possible.

Slow Living
A slow living lifestyle is sometimes perceived as an antidote to the effects of that fast paced life. Slow living is about balancing the things you want to do WITH the speed of life. Slowing down and embracing slow living is not about getting the same amount of things done at a slower pace. Rather, slow and simple living is about finding balance and living better in our fast paced world.

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The Benefits of Simple Living BLOGS:


Join me for a week in a life of slow and simple living. In this video, I share 5 ways I slow down each week to reduce stress and enjoy life.

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Article: I Said Yes to Clutter!
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Hello! I’m Erica Lucas. On this channel, I share videos about making life simple one day at a time. Obstructive, massive, problem-level clutter overwhelmed me… until I decluttered thousands of items, created open space in our home, and found free time as a minimalist! In my fourth year of minimalism, I am now bridging into simple living, slow living, and sharing a few easy tips to get started! 2023 is about finding joy in simple living for our family of five.
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How To: Process & Slow The Game Down in Your MIND | JP Productions

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Redefining Rest – Slowing Down to Speed Up! | Bec Heinrich | TEDxFargo

Bec Heinrich studies, develops, coaches and consults to leaders of all ages. In this talk she shares about how the disease of busyness is corroding our lives and why rest is critical for inspiring and sustainable leadership. Bec explores how rest transformed her life and leadership, and from her research, shares about the impact of rest on people’s performance.

Bec has spent the past 18 years focused on developing leaders of all ages. Bec launched her first business at the age of 16, and her second, a social enterprise which consulted to the education sector in Australia to design and facilitate leadership and character development programs, at the age of 21. She spent 10 years scaling this organization. Bec moved to the United States and is a manager at Deloitte’s Washington DC Greenhouse, an innovation and collaboration space where she helps executive-level commercial, government and non-profit clients focus on strategic conversations. Bec has degrees in politics and law from Macquarie University in Sydney, has studied social entrepreneurship and innovation at Stanford University and recently completed a master’s in leadership at Georgetown University. Her thesis was on the impact of rest on the performance of leaders, inspired after she took a year-long sabbatical to learn how to slow down in order to speed up.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

How to Slow Down and get more Done!

Do you often get to the end of the day exhausted from everything you’ve had to Do? Do you constantly feel like you are running at 100mph and never have time to stop and catch your breath. Are you always running after others and never have time to do things for yourself?

In this video I will share 3 easy and simple daily tips to allow you to start slowing down a little, and begin to notice your surroundings and what’s really going on. You can show up engaged and ready to deal with any situation

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