A Minimal Asset Process (MAP) is and reside in Scotland

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland the equivalent is a Debt Relief Order.

A MAP is a route to bankruptcy, for people who have low income and low assets It is designed to enable them to clear their debt because they are unable to repay them within a sensible timescale.

MAP has replaced Low Income Low Asset (LILA) in 2015.

Criteria you must fulfil for MAP

  • You must be living in Scotland or lived in Scotland within the previous year before applying
  • You must not own any land or property
  • You must not be able to meet your current repayments and charges
  • Your finances have been assessed by an authorised AIB Money Advisor using a common financial calculation and you have taken their advice to apply for a MAP
  • You must not own one single asset worth more than £1,000, with exception of a vehicle which must not exceed £3,000
  • Your debts must be at least £1,500 but no more than £17,000 in total
  • Your total assets cannot be more than £2,000 in total
  • You cannot have been made bankrupt in the last 5 years, or bankrupt via Minimal Asset Process in the last 10 years
  • Your Income has consisted of only benefits for at the past 6 months or more, OR, you have been assessed by an Approved Money Adviser as having no surplus income to pay a contribution to your debts.

Things you need to know

  • The cost to apply for bankruptcy via MAP is £90 and granted by the Accountant in Bankruptcy if you meet the criteria above
  • If you apply for bankruptcy through this process but do not meet the conditions, if you wish to continue your application, you will be required to pay an additional £110 to meet the £200 cost of a full administration Bankruptcy
  • You must have a Certificate for Sequestration signed by an authorised AIB Money Advisor
  • You will be discharged after 6 months, however your trustee will remain in office fora further 6 months after this
  • During the 6 months your Trustee remains in office, you cannot borrow more than £2,000 without making the credit lender aware that you are a discharged bankrupt
  • Your bankruptcy via MAP will appear online in the Register of Insolvencies which is publically available to view.
  • You may have difficulties in obtaining credit after your discharge
  • Debts which cannot be included in MAP include Student Loans, Court Fines & Child Maintenance arrears

If you feel you are eligible for MAP, you can find a list of local Approved Money Advisers at www.scotlandsfinancialhealthservice.gov.uk